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Hi! We're Genevieve & Ceppie owners of Factory 44 West.

We're not your average picture frame shop. We believe in unconventional framing and timeless designs. We're artists and craftsmen with exceptional design skills and quirky senses of humor.  

​Our spacious and interactive showroom is set up with you in mind. We’re dedicated to creating a truly original experience and encourage you to be part of the design process. Our commitment to quality means we only use conservation-grade materials and practices to ensure your frame will last generations.

​We offer a curated selection of frames with all custom work done on site. What sets us apart from conventional frame shops is our ability to make frames from scratch. We can design and carve hardwood frames, build reclaimed wood frames, and water gild closed corner gold frames. Our original designs are built right here in our workshop.

Let's start framing! 

555 Derby Ave #44, Oakland, CA 94601

Open by Appointment:  Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 10am - 4pm 

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